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Growing Our Customer's Businesses

Here at Riverside Greetings our mission is to help our customers sell lots more greeting cards and we're pretty good at it. We know what shoppers want from the category in convenience and getting that right increases sales and profits, in many occasions we double the size of the category for our customers.

Here are some examples of stores which we’ve recently started to help.

Success Story Number One - Lovely London Londis

Greeting cards weren’t a successful category for this retailer until they started to work with us. We assessed the site, created an attractive display comprising the correct captions for a convenience site and added some magic with our #prettyinpink point of sale. We did this without any cost to the customer who is now benefitting from sales which have more than doubled and are still growing!

This kind of success story just goes to show how much we can improve greetings card sales in stores through the care and attention we provide when it comes to our displays and your customers needs and wants.

Success Story Number Two - A Pristine Premier

Whilst we're on the subject of success stories, we have another one here for you...

This retailer was very interested in the Riverside category offering but was working with another supplier.

Initially, he decided to run a test by featuring one of our displays alongside his existing supplier. It didn’t take him long to see that we were growing his business by around 20% on every service visit and outperforming the other supplier.

He’s now taken the decision to remove them from his business, make Riverside Greetings his sole supplier and he and his shoppers are delighted with his new card display and its performance.

It just goes to show that with care, attention, a keen eye for detail and lots of innovation we add significant value to our customer’s businesses.

If you want to become one of these success stories, get in touch today! A member of our team will be more than happy to help you start your Riverside Greetings journey.

01924 840500


Get in touch with us via our website where we have a handy page ready for you to submit any enquires on.

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